Foreign Exchange // Maybe She’ll Dream of Me

At this point idiot landlords and needless amounts of legislation are what is turning me into a defeated wreck of my potential self. Usually the reason is just dem hoes. This latest offering from FE is a perfect soundtrack to such sentimental/pathetic/optimistic/who needs her anyway thoughts. Mr “I had no idea until a couple of weeks ago that he was singing on all those Little Brother Songs” Phonte and Dutch beatfreak Nicolay have teamed up for another album and they’ve set out another breezy slice of soul-pop. Hit the jump for a download Continue reading


Cody Chesnutt // Come Back Like Spring

Do you ever wonder if Premiership footballers when they were younger went to their local 5 aside and hung around with their mates who had bulldogs and bought WKDs for the sister of that guy they knew in middle school, and despite there being fights on the pitches the manager of the place just wandered around and perved on girls that were dangerously too young for him making inappropriate innuendos? If only Franck Ribery went to one, he might have got some game and not just given up. Anyway here’s new Cody Chesnutt, just disappear for like 6 years did ya, well we’re glad you’re back, not too sure if this belongs to an upcoming album, but any Cody is good news, not matter how short and sweet. Download after the jump
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Gayngs // Gaudy Side of Town

With Justin Vernon off of Bon Iver

The Nonce // Bus Stops

Cheers Pinder

Gil Scott Heron // New York Is Killing Me (Remix ft. Nas)

It seems only right that someone who has had such an influence on the blueprint of rap as Gil Scott Heron should be joined on his dour NY anthem by someone who has taken that blueprint to it’s most thrilling conclusions. It’s bleak and gripping and not exactly Empire State of Mind. Hit the link to hear it and definitely check out the album that has the original on it, I’m New Here.
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Big Boi // Shutterbugg

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH no you didn’t. Did you just go and release another funky as shit banger Daddy Fat Sacks? I think you did. The Cali voice box is in full effect on this Scott Storch cut and further proof that Sir Luscious Left Foot needs to be released immediately. Hit the link for a stream and download.
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Yo Gabba Gabba is the Shit

Mos Def as a superhero. I’m sold. He popped up this week on the indie bands’ kid’s show of choice, with a funky entrance. The obligatory song is delightful, and keeps the rap artist presence on the show continuing after The Roots owned the shit of this show. When I saw their song I couldn’t stop smiling for like 2 hours, look how happy ?uestlove looks at 31 secs, amazing.