Erykah Badu // Window Seat Video

Not too sure what to make of this here clip. Ms. Badu basically strips off down to what appears to be a pixelated bathing costume on a stroll through Dallas. After that there’s some talk about the rejection of the individualist to contextualise the liberated mid afternoon amble. I’ll let you decide what message you think it’s trying to convey, but in any case the effect is incredibly jarring, and keeps you thinking long afterwards which is very rare for a music video. Hit the link to play it and head over to the youtube page I swiped it from if you want to see people arguing their theories and make sweeping statements about race and gender. Return of the Ankh comes out tomorrow.


    • Andy Holmes
    • April 6th, 2010

    Shes fittt. How did you get into making a quality blog?

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