Erykah Badu on Gilles Peterson

What? No I’m not obsessed, she just happens to have an album out, so of course there’s going to be a lot of posts related to her…I don’t have to defend myself to you. No, you suck. Where was I… oh yeah the ‘Analogue girl in a digital world’ popped in to see Peterson to play some tracks off of Return of the Ankh as well as a few personal favourites. In other Ms. Badu news (not obsessed) she apparently wants to work with Mayer Hawthorne which definitely = result. Hit the link to toddle off to hear the session with my main man Gilles. If only the other person in the picture above was still working…
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The Isley Brothers are Sampletastic

You wanna get yourself a flared jumpsuit now, right? How good are they? Been going since 1957, their last album in 2006 went top 5 in the US and they’ve provided a rich catalogue for producers to dig into for decades. Hit the link to hear some of the best examples of their tunes being spliced into hip hop
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Strong Arm Steady // Best of Times ft Phonte (Video)

In Search of Stoney Jackson is a beast of an album by the Underground veterans Strong Arm Steady and is entirely produced by Madlib, so big surprise it turned out quality. This is one of the first tracks to have leaked off it back in December but now they’ve put a nice B/W clip to go with it. Hit the link to view the vid and for a download of the track. Stoney Jackson is out now.
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Dam Funk // Do You Feel The Same Way I Do?

Smoothness courtesy of LA funk revivalist Dam Funk. This is from a free download series and is a relaxing distraction from that grey rainy deluge outside the window. Hit the link for a download over at Stones Throw’s site.
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Slum Village // Fall in Love

Definitely check the Fantastic Vol. 2, when the Soulquarians were all working. Together as well, imagine that

Murs & 9th Wonder // The Problem Is Video

Back in ’04 (six years ago; really? Damn) Cali MC and soul beatsmith 9th Wonder teamed up for the album 3:16 : The 9th Edition and it was one hell of a bunch songs. It was obvious this was a winning combo. Murs delivers insightful rhymes that demand your attention and never feel like preaching for the sake of it, and 9th’s beats are the prefect foil. Murray’s revenge came in ’06, Sweet Lord in ’08 and on April 13th Fornever drops. Hit the link for the vid and a download as well the other track that’s leaked so far 3:16 part 2 Continue reading

Erykah Badu // Window Seat Video

Not too sure what to make of this here clip. Ms. Badu basically strips off down to what appears to be a pixelated bathing costume on a stroll through Dallas. After that there’s some talk about the rejection of the individualist to contextualise the liberated mid afternoon amble. I’ll let you decide what message you think it’s trying to convey, but in any case the effect is incredibly jarring, and keeps you thinking long afterwards which is very rare for a music video. Hit the link to play it and head over to the youtube page I swiped it from if you want to see people arguing their theories and make sweeping statements about race and gender. Return of the Ankh comes out tomorrow.
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