Little Brother // Star

This song apparently is from a session back in the when and is the last song the North Carolina troupe did with 9th Wonder. It’s not going to feature on the upcoming final album, Leftback but it did kick off a right bitch fest on Twitter between Phonte and 9th. Hit the link to hear the track as well as a sample of Leftback.
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Black Moon // How Many Mc’s

I’m without my speakers which is pissing annoying so I can’t feel the full force of the boom or the bap but I know it’s there

Erykah Badu – Turn Me Away (Get Munny)

Erykah > Pretty much any other woman. But it’s alright I can go across the road and talk to a load of drunken slags who have no talent and are boring as shit I AM A WINNER! This song, which is a Biggie shout out, is more sunny and bouncy than what’s leaked off Return of the Ankh but of course its quality. Hit the link to stream and download.
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Group Home – Supa Star

Mmmm… don’t know might be a Premo cut. That intro is so chill

Binary Star – Reality Check

The beat doesn’t properly kick in until somewhere near the 50 sec mark but after that chill like you ain’t got no telephone bill. Don’t know too much about these guys, but looks like they were only going for a couple of years. Tune is a tune though

Little White Lies Presentation @ Sunderland Uni

I’m a middle class white kid at uni who mocks most things that come his way with a passive aggressive complacency, so it’s clearly important to me to listen to music and watch films that a significant proportion of the population has not heard of. It makes me a better person. In the last few years I have had the extreme pleasure to come across Little White Lies, an independent film magazine that is probably the best designed publication I’ve ever seen. It also exists in a unique place in the marketplace in that it covers arthouse cinema, but is not elitist and pretentious in its execution. I was therefore some kind of delighted to hear that Danny Miller, the publisher, Matt Bochenski, the editor and Rob Longworth, the creative director from Little White Lies were coming into our University to give us a presentation on how they got started and what is involved in making their magazine a success.
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The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Last year The Black Keys teamed up with some of my personal favourite rappers, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Raekwon to record the rock/rap record Blakroc. Unlike any other rock/rap it was actually good. Very good. This year they will release their sixth album, Brothers and this Dangermouse produced cut is the first track to be previewed ahead of a May release. Hit the link to stream.
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